Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Review: Essence Gel Eyepencil Waterproof

Yay~ Another post in two weeks. I officially feel quite proud of myself hahaha. After all the lippie talk in the previous posts, I think it's high-time to change the subject. So, ahhhh *zen mode*, the eyes are the window to the soul~ And eyeliner is the window frame of those beautiful windows~haha believe me, I don't spend my spare moments thinking of analogies like these but hey, a little wordplay occasionally is always fun.

With that, you guessed it! Today, it's all about the eyeliner. The stars of today is from Essence. I actually got these when I was traveling in Germany this past July and practically in European makeup heaven. Essence has always been one of my favourite makeup brandsand when they busted out these babies, I practically flipped and fainted. I've been trying these out for months and made sure to test and run them down. Believe me, you are looking at one of the pickiest and most-annoyed-when-eyeliner-smudges eyeliner wearer around. Alot of eyeliners, specifically gel and pencil (and unfortunately sometimes even felt liners), smudge on me. The weather in Singapore being mainly humid and warm throughout the year isn't very much of a help either. So when I find an amazing eyeliner find, I am so jumping all over it. And this, is one of those amazing finds.

From when I last checked, the gel eye pencil comes in six gorgeous shades ranging from the normal black and brown to the beautiful blues and emeralds.

The six shades are:
01 Black Blaze (creamy rich black)
02 Around Midnight (Navy Blue) *My absolute favourite*
03 Urban Jungle (Emerald Green)
04 Blue Lagoon (Rich Semi-dark Turquoise)
05 Gunmetal ( Deep Grey)
06 Cocoa Bean (Rich Chocolate Brown)

Packaging on these eye pencils are simple, nice and sturdy with an easy and quick twist-up mechanism for the product. Big plus here, especially for the sharpener-haters out there. Unfortunately, they do not come with a sharpener like some other pencils do at the end of them so you might just have to use one from another pencil product with a similar twist-up mechanism to get a sharp end if you should desire. Other than that, I can't complain.

Essence Gel Eyepencil Waterproof

Essence Gel Eyepencil Waterproof (L-R): 02 Around Midnight, 05 Gunmetal, 03 Urban Jungle, 06 Cocoa Bean, 01 Black Blaze, 04 Blue Lagoon

Let''s talk about the formula of these eye pencils. So gorgeous. They go on smoothly and are very creamy without tugging the eye. The colour pay-off of these are just brilliant. They do dry relatively fast but not so fast to the point where you can't blend them out should you want to. Once they dry and set up, they won't budge. On me, they stay for as long as I want them on my eyes and here comes the best part...*drum roll* They don't give me panda eyes and leave me smudge-free *squeal* On with the tests!

Essence Gel Eyepencil Waterproof Swatches

Essence Gel Eyepencil Waterproof (placed under running water)

Essence Gel Eyepencil Waterproof (After using finger to attempt to smudge)

Essence Gel Eyepencil Waterproof (removal with oil-based makeup remover)

Just fabulous, really. Nothing much more I can really say to be honest. The pictures say it all. Waterproof, smudge-proof and easy to remove without excessive tugging with an oil-based makeup remover. It also comes off easily with a makeup wipe (which is what I use mostly in my makeup removal routine). Another plus point here (you ready?) is the price on these babies. At a drugstore price, these gems couldn't get any better. Overall, they have a ten thumbs-up from me. 200%.

Overall Grade:
 Do I like this?: Love love love. 200%
Would I repurchase this?: OF COURSE
Grade: A

*Essence Gel Eyepencil Waterproof is sold in selected Watsons stores at SGD$4.50 in Singapore*

Any more jaw-dropping eyeliner recommendations? ;)
Happy Holidays!

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