Tuesday, 6 August 2013

REVIEW: Essence UV Colour Correcting Base

Alright!! Here's to another review! YAY! Today's beauty item under the spotlight is the Essence Colour Correcting UV Make-Up Base!! When I saw this and the UV Moisturising  Make-Up base in my local drugstore, I knew I had to grab them and do a review! First of all, I love Essence. Great quality beauty products that come with reasonable price tags that still allow you to enjoy your beauty guilty pleasures without having to breaking the bank. So far, Essence has never failed to disappoint and with this product, Essence sure didn't once again!!

Now what does this base from Essence promise?:
1) SPF 30/ PA+++
2) Formulated for Asian skin
3) Contains skin tone correcting pigments to balance yellow skin tone
4) delivers moisture and creates a smooth surface for long-lasting makeup with its lightweight formula
5) Does not clog pores
6) Oil-free
7) Fragrance-free

The fact that this base comes in nice lavender packaging is a mini cute plus point. The squeeze tube-type packaging add plus points to the hygiene and convenience factor which I definitely enjoy. The product itself is a little bit on the runny side and comes out purple [so as to counteract the 'yellow' in one's skin]. As for smell, it has no particular over powering scent but does have a typical 'lotion' type scent.

without flash

with flash

Upon rubbing the product into my skin the purple obviously 'disappears' into the skin, whilst gradually correcting any discolouration on my skin [not that I have major issues on this anyway]. I noticed that my face seemed a little brighter and more luminous for some reason after rubbing this base into my skin! That left me pleasantly surprised to be honest! However this product does stay a teensy bit tacky for awhile after you rub it into your skin. After which, you can just proceed with the rest of your makeup of course.

after rubbing the base into the skin [with flash]

after rubbing the base into the skin [without flash]

Now for the wear-time on this. This stuff wore pretty well on me, leaving my skin feeling really nice and fresh for at least six hours under my powder foundation. This product does not seem to break me out and definitely did not clog my pores which I am sooooo happy about [I have relatively sensitive skin that clogs easy]. Not only does this base work nicely on my skin, the price point makes it all that much more worth it! [SGD 7.80  at local Watsons I believe]. Any negative points? Not that I can think of. Oh, however, this base may cause potential white-cast in photos due to it's SPF of 30. So do take note of this should you know that you'll be taking photos on that day. Overall, Essence has once again delivered and still leaves me excited to try more of their future products!

Verdict: Do I like it? : Yes
Would I repurchase?: Yes actually, for the price point and the product quality
Grade: A-

Any thoughts on this lil gem from Essence? What are some of your favourite make-up bases? ;)
Stay happy and healthy guys!