Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Review: Catrice Ultimate Colour in 020 Maroon

Hellooooooo everyone! It's been such a lonnnnnnggggg timeeeeeeee (idk how many Ns and Gs and Es I can put here to show that) since the last post. How are you guys doing? :) Well I hope! So sorry about the ultra long hiatus, school, travel and all things hectic have just been INSANE.

BUT back in business!! What better way to start again than in the Fall/ Autumn Season (well...in Singapore yes it is still summer but hey, nothing wrong with going with the fashion and beauty flow of things~)

So! What do we have here today? Everyone and I mean EVERYONE has been in all the rage with Kylie Jenner's look, simple neutral eyes with a rockin' vintage cat eye and those blush/ rose-brown / nudish lips, man I won't deny that that look is also one of my all time favourites. Classy, nothing garish but yet packs such a sophisticated punch. So, with that, I'm gonna review a beautiful lippie for you guys that can get you that Kylie Jenner lip without having to hear the screaming cry of your wallet. Sounds good?*wink*

Helloooo drugstore lippies! Gotta love 'em. Don't get me wrong, luxury brand lippies are such great 'im-gonna-treat-myself' luxuries once in awhile but nothing beats getting amazing quality without having to burst them pursestrings. I have a few favourtie brands I always go to when I hit the drugstore, stalking their collections closely and pouncing like a tiger whenever something new rolls around. (hey, don't judge, I know you do it too) Catrice is one of those brands on my makeup 'hit-list', such great quality for such a great price. I have so many things from their line and none of them have really failed to impress me or at least, not make me throw anything away with disdain. Their lipsticks are nothing short of impressive, with a variety of lipstick lines and not mention, the different finishes and colours. Definitely one of the hunting grounds for a lipstick junkie (like *cough* my- *cough* self).

With that, the spotlight today rolls on Catrice's Ultimate Shine lipstick in 020 Maroon. If you are those who get all excited on their toes for those brown-pink/ rose-brown/ blush-brown lippies, this is one of those you would definitely want in your makeup arsenal.

Catrice Ultimate Shine Lipstick in 020 Maroon (under natural light)
Catrice Ultimate Shine Lipstick in 020 Maroon (under natural light)

Gorgeous. Maroon is a really pretty rose-brown that has a cream finish. It's one of those colours that isn't really a strict MLBB type of shade but it just packs a a little oopmh that makes it perfect for fall/ autumn and winter. I really love how this shade makes your whole look come off polished and sophisticated. I personally like pops of colours and lip stains on my lips but this is one of those that I reach for whenever I want something not that bright but still makes you look somewhat more polished and ready for the day.

Catrice Ultimate Shine Lipstick in 020 Maroon (under natural light) Hand swatch
Catrice Ultimate Shine Lipstick in 020 Maroon (under natural light)
Overall, you gotta love this lippie. Pigmented, creamy and doesn't dry your lips out. I really love how I can put this on and go, no need for liner, no need for any long lip routine, nada. Of course, I wouldn't say this is a long wearing one, you would have to touch-up after eating and drinking extensively but apart from that the colour does stay on well. The packaging, like most of Catrice's lipsticks is great. Secure, sturdy and looks nice for a drugstore lipstick.What more can I say? Love it! If you are new to Catrice or their lipsticks, definitely check this one and other shades that you may love out!

The breakdown
Would I repurchase?: In the land of  'I will actually finish my makeup' (hahaha), yes, ja, oui!
Overall Grade: A-

That's all for today, beautifuls! So, who else is loving fall/ autumn and these 'Kylie Jenner type' shades? I know I do (and of course bring on the vampies too)!!!!