Sunday, 30 June 2013

Fragrant Treat: Dolce&Gabbana:D&G Anthology La Lune 18

Hello again lovelies! Woohoo woohooo, it's the weekend! Hope everyone are having fun plans to enjoy this Sunday Funday! :) Anyway, today is another time for a fragrant treat! Time to smell irresistible! lol ok just kidding. Today's star is the D&G Anthology La Lune 18 *applause* let's all hear it!

Firstly, I love how simple D&G kept the packaging of this series. The bottle is heavy might I just say, but the class and simplicity the weighted glass brings to the design just puts this line in a class of its own. The model for this fragrance is the beautiful Claudia Schiffer, which is the perfect icon for this fragrance. Classy, elegant, mysterious. Matches the description of La Lune ["The Dreamer: La Lune is the perfect enigma: fresh yet sensual, dazzling yet forever retaining her secrets. She enthralls everyone she encounters with her radiant ethereal beauty"], wouldn't you say? :)

So now, for the scent breakdown [according to].

Top Notes: Bergamot, Red Apple, Green Notes
Middle Notes: Tuberose, Rose,  Lily
Base Notes: Orris Root, Leather, Musk, Sandalwood

Now for the nitty-gritties. This fragrance definitely falls in the 'empowering' category for me. It's definitely not a super girly butterfly and cupcakes type of fragrance but rather a power woman/ man with control kind of scent. It isn't overly strong but it definitely takes confidence to sport this. I personally am an ardent fan of such scents, especially when you want to feel 'strong' and be remembered [make those heads along the streets turn lol]. Great for wear in the office or maybe to somewhere when you just want to feel a little more dressed up but not too overboard. For this scent, I can definitely smell the bergamot, tuberose [how can I not?! both are some of my all time favourite components in perfumes please!] and the musk in this. It's clean, fresh yet something that is a little different. I can totally picture it/ 'smell it on both the gentleman and the lady as it has just the right balance to be carried as an unisex fragrance.

Hmm now it boils down to the not-so-good side of the story. The longevity. Unfortunately, this fragrance though strong at the initial spray, doesn't last all that long [on my skin at least]. It wears on me strong for just a mere 3 hours tops before trickling down to something that is too faint to be detected by others. [If I spray a tad bit on my hair, I may still smell it after four hours]. However, it being an EDT, I would not be all that surprised. [although I have come across so many fragrances which are EDTs but yet has crazy lasting power]. For the price that this is, I am definitely not impressed by the staying power of it.

Overall, just for the scent, I adore this. Definitely one of those 'power perfumes' that I bust out a lot. Bring in the price and longevity into the equation, I am definitely a tad saddened lol. But hey, for this more unique scent and the creative/ mysterious/ poetic marketing [lol sucker] that comes with it , I would have to say I do enjoy it overall.

Verdict: Do I like it? :Yes in one word.       
Would I repurchase this?: Probably not. Have been impressed by other 'power perfumes' that have proven themselves more for their price.
Grade: B

How about you? Tried any other fragrances in this beautiful line? Do share your thoughts with me! <3

Stay happy and healthy everyone [& fragrant lol ;)]!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

REVIEW: Etude House 55 Kissful Tint Chou

Hello there my lovelies! Hows everyone doing? Well I hope :) Anyways, today I bring you a simple review on one of my favourite types of products-Lip Tints/ Stains! Dont you just love them? I know I do. I own quite a few and just love them when I want to achieve those really natural yet having a touch of kissable healthy red/pink hint to my lips. Such a simple product to use and saves the hassle of having to bust out lip liners and transparent powder etc. Plus you just look soooooo effortlessly radiant with these haha as you can see, lip tints are a must-have product in my beauty arsenal.

Lovin this cherry just-bitten type look to the lips [so yummy~]

While there are many brands of lip tints around from the various brands, Benefit, etude house, face shop you name it, Etude House is definitely my favourite brand to go for in terms of product quality and price point. [though I do love the benefit Cha Cha Tint; best coral type coloured tint Ive ever used. Although I must say if u are looking for a dupe for the Benetint ,Etude House Proof 10 Aqua Tint is a good one to go for as it is similar in product yet much more friendly on your wallet] So, today the star is? Yup, the Etude House 55 Kissful Tint Chou~~~~

 The product comes in a lovely squeeze tube that kinda reminds me of toothpaste lol. Great for the sanitary reasons but I do prefer my tints to have a wand applicator for on the go application [like a lip gloss] so I could save time form wiping my fingers after applying the tint. The scent of this tint reminds me of some type of candy/ cough syrup [as weird as it sounds] but nothing that is unbearable or anything. The scent does fade away gradually and wasnt a thing that bugged me [lipsticks scents generally dont bug me anyway].

I have this product in the shades red and hot pink although on my lips, they somewhat look the same [a pinkish rose colour as you can see from the photos]. Theres probably only a slight difference in colour between the both of them on lips, with the hot pink shade being slightly of a brighter, poppish pink. The texture of these are different from tht of the Benetint/ EH proof ten aqua tint which have more a watery texture to them [which I like]. These have more of a gel-lish texture, almost like a gloss, giving you a slight shine and glossiness to your lips as opposed to the more natural matte-bitten texture that the benetint/ auqa tint offers so it wont dry out your lips. However, this doesnt moisturise your lips if they are dry either. Both types of textures are good in their own rights. The Kissful Tint Chou stains pretty well, leaving a slight slight tint even after I eat a meal [but it depends on what one eats too]. They wear comfortably on my lips and gives them that healthy radiant and "cute" look. Great for days when I do my makeup in the "Korean Natural makeup" style or when I just want a hint of healthy colour to my lips when I dont do any other makeup whatsoever. As you can tell, I really really really adore this style of makeup hahaha ok I digress.

This product all in all is a pretty nice one I definitely get maximal use of it. The only downside for me is the part where I have to use my fingers to apply it from the squeeze tube [although some can just apply from the tube]. Other than that, another quality product from Etude House! If you are a lip tint junkie like me or just want something light but with a glossy sheen for your lips, definitely give this one a roll.

Verdict: Do I like it? : Yup
            Would I repurchase it?: yup, but prob not both shades. just one [since they are so similar on me]
            Grade: B+

Any favourite lip tints you wanna give a shoutout too here? Do share! :) Stay happy!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

REVIEW: Smith's Rosebud Salve

Lovelies, nothing stinks more than chapped lips right? *furious nod* Firstly it might hurt from all that nasty peeling and cracking. Secondly, any lippie is just going to cling on to all those cracked and dry patches. Not a pretty sight. Hence, the Lip balm~~~Such a saviour when it comes to parched lips! Today, let's talk about some Smith's Rosebud Salve!

Rosebud Salve has been around for ages and apparently works wonders on almost anything. According to the ifficial Rosebud Website, (apart from the classic glossy balm look) "Rosebud Salve is perfect for travel as an eye make-up remover, cuticle softener, sunburn easer, dry skin healer, and frizzy fighter. Use Rosebud Salve around the eyes and on the throat for severely parched, dry, or wrinkled skin." Sounds like a miracle worker to me! Though I havent personally tried it on any other thing apart from my lips, from the other reviews Ive read, this lil baby is one state trooper!

Some say this feels like overpriced Vaseline with just an added rose smell (which you would either love or hate) but I personally think this is one good product! Goes on really smoothly and glossy with a teeny bit of rose tint that somehow brings out your natural lip colour, making them look fuller and healthier (no plumping action though of course) It definitely kept my lips feeling softer and more moisturised as compared to many others that I've tried. And believe me, Ive tried PLENTY. So far, only one other brand of lipbalm has topped this for me (which ill do a review on eventually too lol). I dont mind the rose smell personally although I do understand what other reviwers say when they mean it sometimes can smell like an old lady. However, I love the texture of this baby and the nice shine that it gives. Now, the packaging. Is it weird that I like the pot form but sometimes feel like it's a hassle to constantly wash/ wipe off my fingers after using this? (esp when Im outside) Lol but of course for the non-pot-balm lovers out there, this product also comes in a tube form for easier application (esp on the go). Price-wise, I do agree with some that it is not the cheapest lip balm around and some might find it to be a waste of money. Personally for me, it is definitely good enough for me to bite the bullet and possibly repurchase as this is one of the lip balms that is good for me and my needs.

Do I like it? : Yes
Would I repurchase?: Yup (if i manage to finish my big pot that is lol)
Grade: A-

What are some of your favourite lip balms/ lipcare products? Any to share? ;) Would love to hear it! Stay happy guys! ;)

Friday, 7 June 2013

Just for Buzz: Makeup Dos and Donts!

Hey there again! So today thought I'd do something a little more general rather than just the normal reviews! Yup! Title says it all folks!!! Make-up dos and donts!!! well the power of makeup can sometimes be just that awesome to hide some flaws and enhance some of those beautiful features on your face, wearing too much or the wrong way can just make you look like one hot mess. So, what should we avoid and what should we go for so as to achieve that perfect balance? (*angel music playing*)


So how to NOT look like you've just stepped out of a 90s horror flick?

  •  if you can, keep it natural. Light and fresh is a good way to go. Plus, it might just be better for your skin.
  • depending on your preference, select foundations that can sometimes allow your natural beauty to show through. (however dont let this stop you from using full coverage foundations if you prefer them!)
  • Always remember, LESS IS MORE. Try not to slap on too much powder on your face to avoid looking that classic cake face look that we strive hard to avoid! If you ever need to touch up and put some powder on your face, try blotting of the excess oil first to avoid having to put too much powder on your face.
  • all about the balance ladies (and gents). it's all about  playing up different parts of your face. Try not to overdo the eyeshadow, blush and lips all at once.
  • Eyeliner: rimming the whole eye such as tightlining and waterlining can make one look instantly sexy and have some great looking smokey eyes but overdo it, and it can look like you just got punched in the eye by someone who really dislikes you. Depending on your eyeshape, find the best eyeliner style that suits you the best.
  • Lipstick on your teeth: So you are on a date with a really cool guy, all is going well until he notices that red streak across your teeth. Not cool. Bold lipscan be oh so fun to pull off but they can also stick to your teeth. Not a pretty look. Always check your teeth before leaving the house/ bathroom etc. To minimise the likelihood of your lipstick transferring to your teeth, just stick a finger into your mouth and pull out while trying to put your lips tgt (think of the action u do when u suck on a lollipop) Not the most glamourous way to do it, but well it works. (just boils down to being discreet) ;)
  • Blush: blush is such a simple way to give you that instant glow. However, not blending it seamlessly into the skin will just make you look like you have two bright streaks on your cheeks. Not a very hot look to have Be sure to blend your blush properly and avoid being too heavy handed with your brush. Tap off any excess blush at the back of your hand before applying it onto your face. Should you have applied too much onto your face, just take a kabuki brush or flat top brush (clean brush or the one you have just used for your powder etc)  and buff out the excess blush.

Alrighty! Just wanted to share and discuss a few of such makeup booboos! Whatever it is, makeup or no makeup, everyone is beautiful and being yourself is the best form of makeup that you can have! Confidence and beauty from within! What are some of the makeup booboos that you think are big no-nos? Would love to hear from you guys! :)

Stay confident and beautiful!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Fragrant Treat: Hermes: Un Jardin Sur le Toit

Alright! Who here loves perfumes and scents? (And smelling gooooood?) Well, I know I do. haha Today's star of the show is none other than Un Jardin Sur Le Toit by Hermes. Now, I dont actually currently own the full bottle but I have gone through tons and tons of mini vials of this to be able to really test the product and come to how I feel about this. For starters, I LOVE IT!
Courtesy of

Ok (according to, "Hermes launches the new fourth fragrance from the collection of garden-inspired fragrances Un Jardin, named Un Jardin Sur Le Toit or “A Garden on the Roof”in 2011. Un Jardin Sur Le Toit refers to the especially luxurious garden located on the Hermes’ headquarters building roof at 24 Rue Faubourg Saint-Honore in Paris.The garden is full of aromatic herbs, flowers and fruits whose flavors vary as they pass through the metamorphosis induced by the seasons. Its fresh and sweet-smelling atmosphere is captured by apple, pear, rose, green grass, basil, magnolia and compost notes."

Notes breakdown: Grass, Red Apple, Pear, Rosemary, Rose, Magnolia

I definitely agree with this description! This fragrance is so clean and fresh yet subtly sexy that it difficult to not notice it. Pretty unique scent imo! I'd never expect myself to like this as much as I do! Packaging is nice with the gradient green at the bottom of the bottle!Also, this definitely falls in the "Crisp-Floral-Sexy" category imo. Projection and wear (6-8hrs) is great on me and I would definitely recommend this to any ladies who are like me and love the sexy-florals! Definitely would be getting a full bottle of it when I can! Between you and me, I think this one is in the big Top 5 fragrances for me! ;)

Verdict: Would I repurchase this?: YES
             Grade: A

Anyone owns this baby too? How do you feel about this one? yay or nay? ;)