Thursday, 19 September 2013

Falling For Fall: Fall Trends for the brilliant 2013: MAKEUP

Hey there everyone of you beauties out there! How have you been? Great and fantastic I hope! Oh yea it's time for the second part of our FFF series! Probably the favourite section! [though I am tending to lean more to the fashion side lately haha] Yup, as from the title, it's time for a little MAKE-UP FOR FALL!

1) MEOW!
Probably one of my favourite eye looks! CAT EYES! Just those kinds of simplistic, minimalistic looks that would make you go from hey there doe eyes to VA VA VOOM SEXY FELINE. Cat eyes- makeup bring such a flare to any simple everyday makeup look without you having to look like you've spent practically half a day on your look. Runways of Salvatore Ferragamo, Michael Kors and Lanvin can rock it, and so can we! Go full on bold, edgy and even retro with a thicker, saturated cat eye or go for the simple subtle ones to suit a more everyday wearable look. And who said anything about not adding on that pop of colour from time to time to spice things up? Don't be afraid to incorporate colour into your sexy cat eyes. Try beautiful jewel or rusty tones such as emerald, amethyst or burgundy and those smokey greys for that added Fall effect. Rock your eyeliner and bring out that vivacious kitty in you with this ever classic yet edgy look. Oh yea ;)


2) RUSTY [in a good way]
One of my favourite things beauty wise for Fall are the rustic colours. Think Rusty Orange, Burgundy, warm reddish brick browns, any colour with a reddish-orange undertone. Eyeshadows such as Rule [M.A.C], Deep Garnet [Laura Mercier] and Sketch [M.A.C] are some examples of such forbidden yet all so tempting colours. AMAZING. However, there is always this fear of making our eyes look red and sore. Indeed, there is a really fine line between looking like a Fall Knockout and an allergy-stricken chicken [it rhymes! lol]. Try keeping these warm colour on the outer edge of your eye makeup/ eye contour area. Also, avoid bringing these colours too far in towards the inner corner of your eyes [although in some looks, this actually works.]. Use the right techniques, and you'll find yourself rocking these rustic tones for the Fall that has come. BEAUTIFUL, SEXY AND SMOKEY. Enough said.
3) Bush!
It's all about the brows. THICK, STRONG EYEBROWS. Oh yea, thick doesn't always mean out of control and bushy but rather, take your look to the next level by focusing on your brows. Now, I admit I am those who almost never draws their brows, but seeing so many before-and-after YouTube videos and pictures, brows do indeed make a difference. I personally have dark black and somewhat thicker more defined brows, and hence my laziness lol. Arched, straight, softer or stronger, it's all up to you.Such strong brows add just enough to make your look more polished, clean and framed. After all, the brows do frame your beautiful peepers. *wiggle your eyebrows*
 4) Pucker up!
Bold Lips that ooze vampy, seductive and mystery. My favourite. I love bold lips be it red, orange, wine or pink. Bold lips are one of the easiest ways to spice up your look. It can quickly polish up your look and awaken your inner sexy siren/ vamp. Fall is always a good time to play with the reds, dark roses and wine-hued lippies [not that you can't rock these at any times of the year ;)]. Red is forever classic and you can never go wrong with this. However, finding the right red to bust out of your arsenal can be tricky. General rule of thumb: Warmer toned beauties= more orange-based reds, cooler-toned beauties= blue/ purple toned reds. BUT don't just follow the norms! Makeup is all about experimenting so don't be shy to try out ANY red lippies that you are doubtful of pulling off. Who knows? You might find The One. *gasp* As for the vampy calling, wine/ merlot toned lippies are so beautiful. Something about these lil babies scream vamp, sexy, and overall Fall. Either keep it simple and more wearable with minimal eyeshadow/liner, thicker brows and defined lashes or go full on sexy with both the eyeshadows and bold lips. Both ways are nothign short of breath-taking. So pucker up and rock those sinful bold lips. People might just stop you on the streets for those alluring kissers.
So beauties, with these trends in mind, it's time to rock these for Fall! Bring out the sexy vamps/sirens and the classic Fall beauty your style, your way. Any other fall makeup trends that you have been loving? ;)

Stay sexy, strong and beautifully confident!

Monday, 16 September 2013

FALLING FOR FALL: Fall Trends of brilliant 2013: Fashion

Hello jubblies and lovelies! [Don't ask me why, I just suddenly thought of the word 'jubblies'] Hope everyone is having a great start to your week! So so so, is it me or did the year just pass us by so quickly that it is now ALREADY MID-SEPTEMBER??!! *gasp* Fast and Furious seems apt here and now rolls in my personal all-time favorite season: FALL/ AUTUMN *cheers* Fall is such a beautiful season. Sure, every season has its own beauty and wonders [and sometimes their 'wraths'; think sticky, sweaty, frostbite, blue fingers lol], but for me, it's all about falling for Fall. As per the title of this post, this shall be the start of my fall posts series: Falling For Fall [FFF].

Fall, like I said, is my favorite season. Autumn leaves, warm pumpkin spice, and fuzzy sweaters while waiting for the winter cold to sweep Fall off its feet and into the another new season. Ironically [and Sadly], I don't enjoy the embrace of Fall where I live. *tear* lol but hey, all year round Summer-lovin' Singapore isn't all that bad either lol. ;) When I think Fall, I think of three simple words: Elegance, Style, Chic. And also tons of other words that come along with those that just make me all tingly inside. [think leather, boots, jackets, scarves, vampy makeup, burgundy, jewel tones and many many more *woohoo*] So to kick-off some FFF series fun, let's hit the fashion realms first. I'm gonna be talking about some Fall fashion trends of 2013 that would spice up your wardrobe and bring out the inner Fashionista in you. What better way to ease into the series than with things you have to wear as you walk out the door everyday? ;)

1) It's time to put on your [thinking] cap.
Hats are getting their fair share of attention this Fall and are appearing on the runways, with the likes of Kate Spade and Chanel. These trendy gems not only keep your head and ears warm and snug, but also gets the attention that you want. From the classic cozy beanies to the sleek and stylish Fedoras, the choices are far and wide should you wish to sport this trending fashion accessory to spruce up any Fall look.
2) Print Me Chic
Don't be afraid to rock some prints this Fall. Classic prints such as Houndstooth and Checks never go out of style for Fall. And who ever said that you can't embrace your animalistic side for Fall as well? Any one can stop traffic while adorning some fun animal prints during Fall  and still be fit for the season. Be bold and stylish in Leopard, Zebra, Giraffe prints while maintaining some balance with darker backgrounds on your clothing and accessories. Not only for a girls' night out or a casual weekend date, these prints can be easily incorporated into your office wear without coming off as though are ready to party and go wild by the water cooler. Think along the routes of neutrals [be it background, or as a whole canvas with a small pop of print in your array of accessories of shoes, bags, watches etc].
3) Make the world jealous and Green with Envy

Emerald. Ethereal, Elegant and Ever-enchanting. Dubbed as colour of the year by Pantone for 2013, emerald-coloured fashion is here to stay. Be it your clothes, jewelry or bags, emerald is definitely a nice pop of stylish colour that you can add to your look. On the sidenote, if green isn't exactly your cup of tea, try other jewel tones such as amethyst and ruby [ooh lala]. They might just be right up your alley.

4) It's all about the layers
Fall is such a fun time to layer your pieces without having the possibility of being seen as overdone. However, the theme of the layering is important. Avoid piling on too many colours and patterns that would make you look like you are still stuck in the times of Spring and Summer. Keep it simple with a tiny pop of colour if you need it and patterns [as mentioned earlier, classics like Houndtooth and Checks or animal prints, even dark florals] should be also kept to a minmal. As for texture, keep it as streamlined and non-bulky as possible. Rule of thumb for this one here: thin and thin, sheer and sheer, thin and thick but never thick and thick.
5) Leather is STILL the new black. 
Oh yea. Leather. On of my favourite textures and it never goes out off style. Leather doesn't mecessarily mean only jackets. Try incorporating it into your look with a cute pair of leather leggings or a bad-ass leather peplum. This beautiful material is just enough to add that edge, sexiness and danger to any outfit this fall. Not only should you take leather to new forms in clothing and accessories, colour is another aspect that you should not neglect. Classic black and brown leather can never be wrong but coloured leather such as burgundy, emerald and the all so sexy red might just be the thing you need to take your fall wardrobe to a whole new level.
When it comes to fashion, never be afraid to your way. These Fall 2013 trends would definitely bring some [pumpkin] spice to your wardrobe. Even if you are somewhere with the Big Four Seasons, nothing [well ok maybe the heat or sth] should stop your from rockin' your look, your way. I am defnitely going to be embracing some of these trends in my looks and hope that you do too! Fashion is all about beauty, passion and expression. So be yourself and have fun with these trends! What are some of your favourite fashion trends for the brilliant Fall of 2013? ;)

Stay beautiful, happy and confident! <3 br="">


Saturday, 7 September 2013

REVIEW: Essence Vintage District Collection

Hey Lovelies! Hope you guys are doing oh so well and feeling great! Today I'm gonna be talking about the Essence Vintage District Collection. *Cheers* Essence has always been one of my favourite drugstore brands as it delivers quality and sass without me having to necesssarily break the bank. This collection definitely caught my eye as anything with the word VINTAGE, oh, I'm there baby.

 LOOK. JUST LOOK. Oh my goodness! Just the colour scheme and cute vintage fonts have enough to get me in a happy dance [don't you just love happy dances?] I got almost everything in the collection except the nail effects kits and the top coats [seeing as how I like more straight-up one colour manicures and a butt load worth of top coats already]. Might I say, I am impressed. Now, seeing as how extensive this collection is, moving on!

From L to R: I'm So Retro, Shopping @ Portobello Road, Get Arty

Clockwise: I'm So Retro, Shopping @ Portobello Road, Get Arty

From L to R [Natural Daylight]: Shopping @ Portobello Road, I'm So Retro, Get Arty

From L to R [Natural Daylight]: Shopping @ Portobello Road, I'm So Retro, Get Arty
 First off, the eyeshadows, how cute can they get?! The little 'paint splotches' are just so cute, adding to the whole artist feel. They are overspray so of course my heart ached so much when I had to swatch them but all for in the name of love [of reviews and beauty blogging]!! The shadows are nice, smooth and pigmented. I was surprised at what the teal shade became after swirling the shades together as it looks like a bright-medium teal in the pan but swatch up to more of a muted metallic grey teal on my hand. Seems to be a semi-matte [due to the shimmery silver overspray that gives it a more shimmery sheen]. The peach-orange is my favourite, so nice for a light pop of colour on the lids or in the crease. Looks to be of a matte finish. As for Get Arty, it proves to be a more silvery grey and does have a nice shimmer to it without being full-on metallic. Overall, the eyeshadows, with their cute packaging and names, are nice pieces to the collection.

From L to R [Natural Daylight]: Shopping @ Portobello Road., Get Arty

From L to R [Natural Daylight]: Shopping @ Portobello Road., Get Arty

From L to R [Natural Daylight]: Shopping @ Portobello Road., Get Arty

Ooh la la. Gel eyeliners. Essence is pretty notorious for having amazing gel eyeliners so how would these two additions fare? Firstly, the packaging is lovely, matching the overall theme. What's more, they come in a set with brushes. For the price, you honestly cannot beat that. Shopping @ Portbello Road is such a nice teal eyeliner that goes on so smoothly and doesn't smudge on me. Great pigmentation and a great matte finish. AMAZING. As for Get Arty, it is a cement grey colour with a matte finish and like its teal counterpart, it's smooth, pigmented and lovely. The brushes are pretty nice for the price but nothing out of the extraordinary. Overall, these gel eyeliners are not short of impressive. Great for a pop of colour without busting out the eyeshadows and an more toned down alternative to a straight-up black [the grey, that is].

OMG. Say what?!
Pretty gold overspray [not to worry for those who are worried about the strong sheen that the gold might give!]

From L to R [Natural Daylight]: Gold Overspray, Blush with no overpsray, Blush with overspray

From L to R [Natural Daylight]: Gold Overspray, Blush with no overpsray, Blush with overspray

So far so good, what shall come next? How about some colour for the face? THE BLUSH. OMG. HEART STOPPING BEAUTY. Such beautiful embossing for such a great price? Shut up and take my money already!! Any blush collector collecting them for their embossing has got to get this! The brilliant floral embossing just adds such class to this blush. Also the gold overspray on it makes it even more to die for. This blush has nice pigmentation especially with the overspray. Something like an in-between of a cream-soda orange and a peach. With the overspray gone, it has a matte finish. Also, the smoothness of the blush is just one-up.

Still going strong lovelies? Let's keep going! Phew! Alright, let's talk lipstick. Essence is really going all out with this one, with two lipstick and lipgloss duos. The shades are so nice. Adding a pop of colour without having to go on the 'BIG BOLD BHAM' route. Perfect for days that you need to look polished but still want a little colour. The lipsticks are nice and come in two shades. Vintage Peach [a peach-orange with a slight gold sheen] and Antique Pink [a warm watermelon pink rose shade]. Smooth and pigmented without skipping or patchiness. The lipsticks have a nice sheen to them without being overly glossy looking. As for the lip glosses, they are really nicely pigmented and can easily be worn alone without having to pull out the lipsticks. They are not overly sticky and both also seem to have a very very slight micro-glitter gold sheen. Like other Essence lipsticks and glosses, they seem to have a slight candy scent to them. Overall, very worth the price for their quality and colour.

From L to R : Antique Pink, Vintage Peach

From L to R [Natural Daylight] Vintage Peach Lipstick, Lip Gloss

From L to R [Natural Daylight] Antique Pink Lipstick, Lip Gloss

Alright last stretch! Let's go! Finally, what's a makeup collection without nails? The nail polishes from this collection are AMAZING. Get Arty [a concrete grey with multi-coloured sheen], Shopping @ Portobello Road [cream muted medium teal], Antique Pink [Dusky cream watermelon pink rose] and Vintage peach [Cream peach orange]. These are great to add to any nail polish lover's collection. Creamy, smooth, and opaque on two coats. Right up my alley. These are such nice colours and really served to complete this fabulous collection. They don't cause bubbling and I hadn't had any trouble with earlier than expected chipping. Overall, one of the stand out products of this collection.

From L to R [Natural Daylight]: Get Arty, Shopping @ Portobello Road, Antique Pink, Vintage Peach

From L to R [Natural Daylight] [TWO coats]: Vintage Peach, Antique Pink, Shopping @ Portobello Road, Get Arty 

Overall, this collection is mind blowing. Such amazing quality for drugstore prices. Essence really never fails to impress. I am definitely a bona-fide Essence fan and just cannot wait for upcoming collections. Great Job Essence! [For lovelies in Singapore, Essence can be found at selected Watsons outlets]. I highly recommend you lovelies to check out this beautiful collection!! Anyone else also loving this collection? <3 p="">

Stay happy and healthy!