Thursday, 28 March 2013

REVIEW: Essence Ready For Boarding "Beauty On Tour" Palette

Long time no post my dears! Deadlines, projects are sapping my time away but I sure missed blogging!! Finally found some time to do one! So today, let's talk colours for Spring and Summer! :)
Essence recently released their 'Ready For Boarding' Collection and first and foremost, I love the 'vacation' theme of it! (sucker for such themes all the time! XD). Although the collection has tons to offer, I decided to only get sucked in by the eyeshadow palette~ (control-and-resist mode activate!)

(courtesy of
Well, here's our star today!~

Also comes with simple "tutorials" to inspire!

with flash

without flash

Alrighty, first, the shadow breakdown!:
(from left to right):
1) Light Silvery grey 2) Pale pastel yellow 3) Seafoam-Mint green 4) Periwinkle blue 5) Pale champagne (with slight micro-glitter) 6) Medium bronze-brown  with a warm lean

All the shadows have a shimmery finish (with the champagne shade having slight micro-glitter). Texture of the shadows you ask? Not bad for the price! not bad at all! Pretty smooth, pigmented and easy to blend! I have to say, Im pretty impressed by this little darling. For the price, you really cannot go wrong. Colour range is lovely too, with nice neutrals and pops of colours that look great in the months of summer and spring. Nothing too crazy that screams COLOURRRRRRR. Just light, clean yet with a slight twist. The yellow and green have really caught my attention in this palette as they are ao refreshing to see and easy to apply and use. The brown has to be my favourite as it is so warm and works well to add depth to any of your looks!

Overall, for the price of SGD$7.90, I really can't complain. Impressive quality for the price. Plus the size of the palette (around the size of a palm) makes travelling a breeze with it! If you are curious about what this little darling has to offer, I'd say go check it out.

(In Singapore, prices range from SGD$2.90 for wet wipes to $7.90 for an eyeshadow palette)

Essence Ready for Boarding retails at all essence counters at these selected Watsons stores (in Singapore).
Beauty World Centre 
Plaza Singapura (Level 4, new extension)
Bedok Central
City Square Mall (opening mid March 2013)
Lot 1 Shopping Mall
Lucky Plaza
Ngee Ann City  
Sun Plaza
Park Lane
Parkway Parade
Rivervale Mall

Do I like it? Yes, not bad at all!
Would I repurchase? Although I think it's a neat palette, probably not simply because I have quite a few "colour" eyeshadows already (and I'm largely a neutral type-of girl)
Grade: B

Stay happy my dears! ;)

Friday, 15 March 2013

REVIEW: Maybelline Colour Sensational in Red Porcelain

Hey everyone! Long time no post! Deadlines and commitments in school are draining me out phew! but Im so happy to bring you guys this review today on the Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in Red Porcelain. The Maybelline Colour Sensational range in general is really nice, tons of shades and great texture and pigmentation. This baby today is Limited Edition and is a red lippie which is nothing short of amazing. (who else for bold classic red lips? :D) Let's jump into it!~

Maybelline Colour Sensational in Red Porcelain

Maybelline Colour Sensational in Red Porcelain

To be honest, I had actually wanted to pass this up when I first saw it in the drugstore. In the tube, it might just look like any other classic red which made me want to pass it up. After passing it up countless of times in the drugstore, I finally swatched it out of curiosity. It looked pretty promising and I caved in, just give it a try. REALLY NICE. When swatched, it comes off a little brighter and looks like a red that can suit almost everyone of varying skin tones.Packaging is the same as the other colour sensational lipsticks in that it has a nice silver tube and a colour cap that shows its "base" colour. Looks nice and clasic imo! In addition, it is not drying on the lips and sits nicely without seeping into fine lines. The Red Porcelain formula is enriched with nourishing honey nectar and a milky lotion to give it a creamy feel the minute it glides on to your lips. So yay to no dry lips! :D (major pet peeve wouldnt you say?)

One coat on the lips of Red Porcelain
2 coats on the lips of Red Porcelain
As you can see from the swatch, it almost looks like it's leaning towards a tomato red but it looks relatively neutral in person (maybe a 10% lean towards the warm side?) This lipstick glides on really smoothly and no patchiness whatsoever. Great pigmentation and better yet, has minial transfer (" quick kiss the back of your hand" test). Even after eating dinner (Think char-grilled. Sauce and stuff :0 ), the lipstick left a nice red stain on my lips despite the main colour having faded. (what I love about bold lipsticks, they tend to leave a nice stain behind :))

Overall, I must say I am pretty impressed! What made this nice for me was the moisture that it provided for my lips while still delivering such great pigmentation. Defiintely going to be one of my "often-reached-for" lippies! So my lovelies, want some great red lips without having to compromise in the moisture department, Ill say this one is a keeper. ;)

(In Singapore, the Maybelline colour sensational lipstick can be found mostly Watsons and Guardian Pharmacy)

Verdict: Like it?: You bet'cha!
Would I repurchase?: Yes
Grade: A-

Monday, 4 March 2013

REVIEW: Urban Decay: Disney's Oz The Great and Powerfu

Hello again my beauties! Hopefully you guys are as psyched as I am for Urban Decay's lastest limited edition palettes, inspired by Disney's Oz The Great And Powerful! Who says we cant be a good or bad witch whenever we desire? ;) The moment they launched in Sephora Singapore on the 28th of Feb, I went to snag these babies within the first hour! (10.40 AM to be exact lol). Talk about dedication LOL (crazy makeup junkie talking over here ;P ) Seeing as people might be tossing and turning wondering which witchy palette to grab up, I decided to place both palettes under the same review so that you guys can see all in one post and compare! :) So, who should we summon first? ;) Theodora? or Glinda? Hmmm...

Lets start with the light and on to the dark, shall we? lol

Helloooooo GLINDA~!!!

The Glinda Set

The Glinda Set

TORNADO: A shimmery deep purple with pinkish undertones

(DUOSHADE) AURA: Left: iridescent white w/blue duochrome Right: iridescent white w/ pinkduochrome

MAGIC: Pinkish purple with gold microshimmer

ILLUSION: Satin Pale Golden-Peach

(DUOSHADE) OZ: Left: Aged gold shimmer w/gold glitter Right: Bluish-grey silver shimmer w/silver glitter

South: Shimmery Taupe grey with slight warm lean and silver microglitter

The Glinda Palette
Glinda Super-Saturated Lip Pencil

(Without Flash) L-R: Tornado, Aura, Magic, Illusion, Oz, South, Rockstar (eyeliner), Glinda (Super saturated lip pencil)

(With Flash) L-R: Tornado, Aura, Magic, Illusion, Oz, South, Rockstar (eyeliner), Glinda (Super saturated lip pencil)
Isn's this all of the girly-princessy goodness?! Enchanting is what I would use to describe the theme of the Glinda Palette. As per Urban Decay's new formula for their eyeshadows, the texture of the shadows are buttery smooth. Although I did notice, for the duo shades they weren't the case. The duoshades are no doubt pigmented like the rest of the shadows, but they dont seem to be as smooth as the others. Nevertheless, they are great colours and nothing that can't be worked with. My favs would have to be Aura and Oz(despite it's crazy notorious UD glitter) as they seem more unique and different. The duochromes in Aura is just to die for and I can see why it is a much raved shade. Oz though the glitter, is nice as it reminds me of the fairy-tale-ish type of royal colours you might expect in films like Oz. As for the 24/7 eyeliner in Rockstar, no complains there. Creamy, purple goodness. Good that it is a purple and not another Zero. Great for that soft eyeliner or tiny pop of colour! The Glinda lippie is no doubt, a great beige-rose shade, great for a everyday lip for those who dont wear bold lips all the time. I do believe it is the shade NAKED in the permanent line though (I took out my naked lippie to compare). Since I love that shade, I definitely wont complain about this shade being in the Glinda set.

Now, "evil" comes and so does THEODORA!!

The Theodora Set
The Theodora Set

The Theodora Palette

BROKEN: Satin Pale Cream

BEWARE: Matte warm beige-brown

BEWITCH: Satin medium chocolate brown

WEST: Shimmery warm brown with slight burgundy undertone

(DUOSHADE) SPELL: Left: Satin charcoal black w/green and gold shimmer Right: Metallic gold w/tonal glitter

(DUOSHADE) JEALOUS: Left: Dark moss green pearl and pale green pearl (almost a light jade green)
Theodora Super Saturated Lip Pencil

(without Flash) L-R: Broken, Beware, Bewitch, West, Spell, Jealous, Zero (eyeliner), Theodora (lip)

(with Flash) L-R: Broken, Beware, Bewitch, West, Spell, Jealous, Zero (eyeliner), Theodora (lip)

Ahhh~~~ the beautiful sultriness of these shades. As you can see, th shades in the Theodora palette are largely browns and neutrals, which I love actually. (Hard-core neutral lover). When doing swatched, I was soooo amazed by how buttery the shadows were. Packed with pigment and smooth like velvet (especially the shade in Beware, which happens to be my fav neutral in this palette)! However, similarly to the Glinda palette, I did notice the Duoshades were not as smooth as the solo shades. (very strange) But again, nothing that cannot be worked with. My fav shades in this palette would have to be Beware and the gold in Spell. Very very veryyyyy nice. I rly so like the "darkness" of this palette. Plus the design of the metal palette itself is GORGEOUSSSSSSS. Nice that they threw in colours in this palette too though and they were colours that are nicely associated to the "dark" qualities!! <3 Again, we see another Zero, which I mean I generally dont complain for black eyeliners. I wished it was another shade though, like a rich bourbon brown maybe? The lippie, Theodora, is probably F-Bomb, another permanent one in the Super Saturated Lip Pencil line. Very very nice complexion boosting red that leaves a cherry red stain on your lips after the main lipstick had worn off. Plus it's sexy and shows off a girl's cheeky "dark" side. ;)

Okay, generally, loveeee these palettes. I think Urban Decay did a really good job this time with the themes and colours as well as the design of the palettes. It's USD49.00 on the UD website and SGD78.00 in Sephora Singapore, which is quite a steal for the number of products you get in the sets. (8 eyeshadow shades, the nicely LE designed BYOP palettes, a Super Saturated Lip Pencil). UD palettes are generally great in terms of value and I do recommend for you to try out at least one of these beautiful palettes if you are interested in this limited edition collection.

Here are a few things that are in the collection that are slightly different from the UD permanent BYOP line and the SS lip pencil line:

1) There's the little detail of the OZ collection on the eyeshadow labels and lipsticks! (nice attention to detail there UD!)
Yay to any disney icon LOL too bad we cannot spot the mickeys in this one! ;)

2) If you look closely, the colours of the eyeshadow cases are a beautiful dark "antique" gold colour, veryyy lovely! The permenant ones are silver in colour. This makes the palettes and the collection more exclusive in a subtle way! :)
Left: Oz collection shade Right: shade from the permenant line
Any more reasons to NOT get the palettes? Doubt so! ;) But for my taste, I generally can see myself reaching for Theodora more than Glinda as it suits me taste more with the neutral and browns but it is fun to have Glinda at hand to play ard with soft feminine looks. Plus, I do prefer the design of the Theodora Palatte more so than the Glinda one. If you are looking for a palette to potentially use more (esp. everyday neutral/brown looks), I would say to get the Theodora palette. However, if you are looking for something more girly and soft as well as a more unique palette, I would say Glinda would be for you. Or if you can and just cannot decide which witch you wanna be, get both! These palettes have been nothing short of impressive.


Would I repurchase (both)(if I could): Yes I would. (Some other ppl have even snagged up back ups of these!)
Grade: (both): A (UD has really impressed me overall with these palettes!)

So my lovely witches, which side are you on? ;) Being cheekily dark, or innocently ethereal?

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Fragrant treat: Armand Basi in RED

Hey there lovelies!! So sorry for the lack of postings recently but school is keeping me crazy busy! AHH oh wells! But not to worry! Ill be trying my best to post things more frequently and some of the upcoming posts may be of interest to some of you! ;) (Disney's Oz *cough cough*) Anyway today's review is one for the noses! I feel that this baby doesnt get talk about often but it does smell ever so good! :)

Armand Basi in RED! Ahh What a lovely scent in my opinion~ But scent breakdown first:
According to,
Top notes are bergamot, clementine and peach;
middle notes are iris, heliotrope and violet;
base notes are virginia cedar, styrax, vanille and praline.

Im no fragrance expert but on me, this scent is almost "ginger-y". Reminds me of the orient for some reason, which makes this scent different from the other scents in my collection. It's light yet packs a special punch with the spicy-floral kick it offers. Really really nice imo. I can smell some of the virginia cedar and the bergamot inside which gives it that citrusy component that makes up this perfume. Staying power is something that I wish was a little better though. On average I think it last about 3 hours give or take (do note that it is an EDT). But scent-wise, I like it alot! Definitely something that I like to bust out for a special day or dinner etc. If you like citrusy/ "ginger-y" type scents (or u can call it sexy spicy floral ;)) then I'd say, give this a shot! :)

Verdict: Would I repurchase?: hmmm all other things aside (aka my bottles & bottles of perfumes) yes
Grade: B+

Any other spicy florals that you sport and would recommend? I would love to know!!! <3

Stay happy guys! :)