Tuesday, 30 July 2013

REVIEW: Barry M Waterproof Eyeliner

Hey there lovelies!!! Yup oh yea~~~~it's time for another review!! Yay! Today, let's talk some eyeliner. Eyeliner, eyeliner, eyeliner. Probably one of the first things to pick up when one is a makeup baby and wants to start their beauty journey. Eyeliner can really make a difference to the eyes. Make one's eyelashes look thicker, change one's eye shape, pack a punch, you name it. So, naturally, being the makeup junkie that I am, I am always on a hunt for a good eyeliner, be it pencil, gel or liquid. Personally, liquid liner lasts the longest on me without smudging or running down my face. However, they are amongst the three main types, more time consuming or 'challenging'. I remember having to constantly practice that last time before finally managing to find my favourite eyeliner style with it. But recently, I have found some gel-pencil eyeliners that have made me so happy and steer slowly away from the liquid eyeliners and back into the pencil type eyeliners!! Behold! The Barry M waterproof eyeliners!!! <3 p="">

Bold Silver, Bold Gold, Bold Black, Bold Bronze, Bold Purple, Bold Blue

These babies are some of my newest makeup indulgence and might I say, they are soooooo lovely!!! The colour range on this is pretty nice, ranging from beautiful gold and bronze to the stunning gunmetal, blue and purple. The colours are BEAUTIFUL and I couldn't resist picking up quite a few for myself. I got this product in gold, silver, bronze, purple, blue and of course, black. [Best way to test how awesome an eyeliner is is by testing th original colour black imo]

So just for a quick breakdown:

Bold Silver: No questions asked. A straight-up cool metallic silver.
Bold Gold: Such a stunning shade of yellow gold.More unusual since it is such a strong leaning yellow gold. Seems to b a tiny bit of glitter in it.
Bold Black: Rich dark inky black. Reminds me of Urban Decay's perversion.
Bold Bronze: Such a beautiful warm bronze with a hint of glitter in it.
Bold Purple: OMG Royal purple. Rich, bold and beautiful. I LOVE THIS.
Bold Blue: One of the best blue eyeliners Ive ever seen. Hands down. Such a rich vibrant royal blue.

These eyeliners are so amazing. Smooth and creamy with such great pigmentation.  They didn't tug on my delicate lids and transferred beautifully onto my lids while staying true to colour as in the pencil. As for the waterproof claim, boy, they weren't kidding. These babies are really waterproof and stayed on my lids for the entire day [6:30AM till 11PM, no joke.] As seen in the pictures I took, waterproof really means waterproof. They sure weren't kidding!!

Fresh Swatches [Top to bottom] Bold Purple, Bold Bronze, Bold Silver, Bold Black, Bold Gold, Bold Blue

Swatches after running my hand under water for some time: [Top to bottom] Bold Purple, Bold Bronze, Bold Silver, Bold Black, Bold Gold, Bold Blue
Swatches after running my hand under water for some time AND rubbing the swatches with my fingers: [Right to left] Bold Purple, Bold Bronze, Bold Silver, Bold Black, Bold Gold, Bold Blue

Are they waterproof/ smudge-proof or what????? INSANE. I was so blown away that I was literally screamin' 'THIS IS THE BEST EYELINER PURCHASE EVERRRRRR!!!' [lol crazy, I know.] Truly amazing imo. Plus, it was really affordable [25DHS/ appx, 8SGD at the time of purchase]. So creamy so pigmented and so waterproof. Im absolutely loving these and having such a fun time with these. The only thing that one should note is that because they are so creamy, they most probably would run out faster than usual with constant usage. Other than that, no complains from me whatsoever. If you are looking for a waterproof eyeliner with great pigmentation and is waterproof, I urge you to give this one a shot! Best pencil eyeliner I've ever used imo!

Verdict: Do I like it?: I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE
Would I repurchase these?: YES OVER AND OVER AGAIN
Grade: A+

Hope this was helpful to you lovelies!! Would also love to hear if you enjoy these as much as I do or they werent your cup of tea! Have a great week ahead!! ;)

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Review: Kiehl's Lip Balm

Hey there lovelies! How has your week been so far? We are well into Wednesday and we are already halfway into the week!! A little more till the weekend so just hang in there!  Today I'm bringing you a quick review of one of my favourite products for lipcare and that is the KIEHL'S LIP BALM!!

Alrighty! Now, this lip balm has been receiving mixed reviews in the makeup and beauty realm. Some say it's just over-priced vaseline with a tad flavour and scent while others say that it was everything amazing as they thought it would be. Friends around me swear by it and say that this is the most effective lip balm that they've ever used. How about me? Hmm..haha I'll talk about that later. Now first, the packaging. The packaging is no fuss and come in a tube. However, it does not have that slated lip-applicator that eases the application from the tube. I still have to use my finger to apply it to my lips despite it being in a tube. However, for sanitation reasons, yes the tube does add to the plus. I chose to get the mango and mint flavoured ones and wooo boy do I love the scent and taste of these [of course that doesn't mean I'm asking you to eat it]. The mint flavoured one just feels refreshing on the lips for me and I generally like things that smell like mint. As for the mango, which happens to be also one of my favorite fruits is just something that smells soooo delicious, making me so tempted to wanna lick up all the lip balm that I have on my lips lol. #justtooyummy ;)

Now, ok back to the product itself. The texture of the lip balm is nice and glides on really smoothly onto your lips without being too heavy. Since this product is so moisturising, a little goes a long way for me [though I do like slathering it on at night on my lips to keep them baby-butt smooth]. Also, this product has SPF4 which isn't alot but hey better than none at all. These lip balms do leave a glossy finish to your lips and gives them some shine so it can too act as a gloss over top a lip liner etc [I do that sometimes when I just wanna sport lip liner but still want my lips to stay moisturised] However, if you are the kind who likes lip balms that leave a glossy finish, then this might not be for you. However, the shine will naturally wear off after some time so nothing to worry about if you are concerned with having that overly greasy lip-look to your lips. Also, the lip balms are essentially clear with no colour to them [although they may have one with a tint to it; I'm not too sure so dont quote me on that].

Now, for my lips which can sometimes dry out easily when the air is too dry, I like to really slather on lip balm at night before bed as I'm one who doesnt tend to like fussing around with lip balm in the day [especially since I tend to sport bold lips and long lasting lip colours most of the time]. So these lip balms work wonders on me! I really like how they smell and taste so yummy, not feel overly heavy on my lips and provide them with great moisture and hydration. However, being one who doesnt like to use her fingers to apply lip balm in the day when running around doing what I have to do for that day, this isn't something that I would wanna bring around all day in my bag [for that I use the Nivea stick balms which also work well for me]. However, for use at home with easy access to sinks and bathrooms, I don't mind using this when I'm leaving from home/ around the house.

Now all good things must come to an end. These lip balms are overall really good for me but the price tag that comes along with these? Not so good. These babies are SGD17 and for a lip balm that is actually a little on the steep side. However, precisely because these actually work for me, I wouldn't mind repurchasing them but I wouldn't immediately dash out and get them. Even the Smith's Rosebud Salve which is also one of my fav lip balms fall within the same price tag range but has more in the pot version of it than this does in the tube [of course] [5ml vs 22grams]

Overall, I do really like these lip balms and are definitely one of the few that actually work on my lips [my skin and lips are very picky when it comes to lotions and lip balms]. If you are looking for something that is moisturising, gives a glossy finish, and taste/smell divine but at the same time, not mind the slightly heavier price tag, then why not give this a shot? :)

Verdict: Do I like it?: yes
Would I repurchase it? : yes [although a lower price tag might make me wanna go out and get it even more]
Grade: A-

Stay strong till the weekend everyone!!! :)

Thursday, 18 July 2013

REVIEW: L'Oreal Elseve Extraordinary Hair Oil

Hey there lovelies! TGIF it's almost the weekend! Time to slip into those lounge clothes of yours and relax for the weekend! Hope you guys are going to have a great weekend ahead! So, today it's time for a review again!!! This time round it's all about the luscious locks! Who wouldn't want that long beautiful mane thats sits on top of Rapunzel's head? Well, I know I wouldn't mind it LOL ;) Today, hair products are so readily available. Having a problem with your hair? Frizziness? Dryness? Breakage? Spilt Ends? Or just the desire to style it in anyway that you like? No problem, there's a hair product for everything up in the market now. Hair Spray [EXTRA HOLD], heat protectant spray, gels, volume booster spray, hair oils....HAIR OILS *stop* AH HAH! Today. yup you've guessed it! It's all about the hair oil. Which one in particular? *Drum roll* ok, to cut the drama short [lol], today's star is L'Oreal Elseve Extraordinary Hair Oil! [Note: they also have one for coloured hair; the one with the red pump/cap]

So, according to L'Oreal, this little gem' is supposed to be enriched with a blend of 6 precious flower extracts and be your daily shortcut to perfect-looking hair. [Sounds enticing doesn't it? Keep picturing a classic luscious locks 'hairflip' you see in the movies. lol]

Product claims:
* Hair feels nourished & protected
* Brilliantly illuminated

Well, well, well not only does this product guarantee such inviting claims to luscious locks, it has such a versatile use as well! [starting to sound like a dream come true over here lol *ethreal music plays*] this little baby can be used in several ways:
[According to L'Oreal]
1. Use as a conditioning treatment
2. Use as a styling product
3. Use as a serum or to boost shine
4. Or as an instant hair pick me up

Firstly, the packaging is nice, with the product being housed in a nice orange-yellow glass bottle which gives it that elegant and simple look. The product comes with a pump which can be locked to prevent any unnecessary spillage should you wish to travel with it. However, because this product is housed in a glass bottle, the possible breakage of the glass bottle as well as the weight of it does'nt make it the most travel-friendly thing to bring around. For me, the bottle did leak a little when I travelled with it, even though I had made sure to lock it in place which defeated the purpose of having the lock on the pump. I certainly did not enjoy wiping the oil of all of my other bottles that I had in the same case. I may have gotten a 'unlucky' one but who knows? Overall, I would say if you are planning to just leave it on your vanity or bathroom counter and not bring it wherever you go, the packaging is pretty nice and 'professional looking. The product itself, has a very liquidy texture and is clear [as you can see on my palm]. This is great in a sense, making it easy to spread through your hair to ensure even application. The smell of this is nice, with that floral-woody scent. Now, as for the price, I got this at SGD23.90 I believe at our local Watsons/Guardians. Not exactly the most affordable hair product around but if it really works, I was willing to give it a shot.

So, how do I feel about this product? This is actually really nice! I was actually surprised at how no-fuss it is to use, with it being a hair oil and all. I was hesistant about trying this product out, worried about the possible oil slick that it might cause on my head. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly this oil absorbed into my hair, making feel instantly smoother and somehow slightly more voluminous. Initially, I had used this as just a pick me up whenever I felt that my hair was lacking in the 'luscious' department [When it was dry and a tiny bit frizzy]. However, being the sometimes lazy hair person that I am, I tend to neglect this baby and just was too lazy to fuss around with any hair products besides my everyday shampoo and conditioner.[yes yes, not good I know lol]. So after awhile, I decided to make a Hair Resolution which was to better care for my hair.[not that difficult a challenge for haircare right? haha believe me, for a lazy hair person, it is lol] With that, I decided to use this baby religiously as pre-shampoo conditioner. I found it to have an effect on my hair! My hair is much smoother, softer and just so nice to touch.[creeeepyyyy person who strokes her own hair lol] This product does good things to my hair. I personally wouldnt say it's life-changingly amazing but it definitely helps my hair by a mile. 

So overall, this hair oil is not too shabby imo! Quick-absorbing and doesn't leave a oily residue which other hair oils sometimes do, making it easy to just slap it on your hair and head out the door. If you are looking for a hair oil that would leave your hair soft and smooth and be a no-fuss product, perhaps this might be the one you are searching for.

Verdict: Do I like it?: Yea, it's pretty nice actually!
Would I repurchase it?: Hmm [if I get out of the lazy hair person habit,] Yea, for the effect that it gives my hair. Although I'm slightly hesistant for the price that it is.
 Grade: B+

Any hair oils that you would recommend? Or do you too like this little gem? ;) Have a good weekend guys [/ladies?? You know what I mean! lol]


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

TIME BOUND TUESDAYS: Style N Beauty of the '20s

Hey everyone!!! Yup that's right, it's Tuesday again, which mean it's time for another Time Bound Tuesday post! [I sound like a crazy gameshow host lol] So what is the 411 today?? Today we're gonna be talking about Style and Beauty in the 1920s!

So let's go with Style first, shall we? ;)

The post-war times brought about the change in social roles in women back in the day. Social Matrons of a certain age mostly stuck to their conservatives dresses but the younger women? oh yea, time for a change. Younger women started to dress in sportswear, with shorter skirts with the whole shabang [think pleats, slits and gathers] so as to allow easier movement for the lady. Of course, needless to say, how can we forget the most iconic fashion trend of the '20s? let's go FLAPPER STYLE. Women sported the iconic 'flapper' dress which had a flattened bust line [as opposed to accentuating it.] and stylish gathers and tassles. [ooh la la in a subtle way ;)]. Also, the waistline was hardly accentuated, going towards the straight-cut-down type style while still being trendy and stylish.As for the lavishing locks and hats, it was the time of the bob. Women cut their hair short or kept them mostly 'bobbed', so as to complement and fit their close-fitting cloche hats. Aren't this women amazing??? :D definitely!!

now now now what about the makeup~~~~~?? During the early twenties, most women used cream or even ivory coloured face powder [think full-on severe whitecast on the face...the HORROR in present day]. However, such a trend began to change to natural skintone hued powders later in the mid 20s [phew!] As for the cheeks, rose, raspberry and oranges were the way to go. Women in the '20s also puckered up with deep dark lips, with the brownish-reds, plums, oranges and deep vampy reds. And for another interesting trend, women tend to reduce the width of their lips and exaggerate their lower lips and cupid's bow with their lipstick back in the day! [Talk about sexy lips!!!] Eye makeup was definitely on the darker side, with the black and dark coloured hues. Lashes were also mostly full on black. Overall, the women in the roaring twenties definitely were more heavy handed with their makeup and packed a sexy mysterious punch without looking like they just walked out of a horror movie.

thanks to http://www.return2style.de/swingstyle/makeup/20amimup.html

thanks to http://www.return2style.de/swingstyle/makeup/20amimup.html

The style and makeup trends of the 1920s were definitely not for the faint-hearted. I personally loved how this reflected the changing social roles of women back in the day [anyone with me here? lol] and they were just amazing. Sexy, mysterious without being overdone in that era. It was time for a change and needless to say, this was partly reflected in what they wore and how they wore it. Kinda cool, huh? :D

So, that about wraps up for today's TBT!! Hope this was interesting for you guys!! Was definitely an interesting lesson of beauty and fashion related history to me! Is the Roaring Twenties your favourite makeup era? ;)

Stay healthy and happy!!


Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Hey there lovelies! Time for another Time Bound Tuesday! For todays TBT, I was thinking of it being a little history lesson as well as a review for one of my HG red lippies all rolled up into one! Roll out the red carpet for this little siren because it's none other than Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipsticks in Fire & Ice

So what is it about this Revlon Shade that makes it be featured in today's Time Bound Tuesday? Why, it's interesting history of course!!!!! Revlon released this sexy siren lipstick back in 1952, with ad campaigns featuring the ever-so-gorgeous American model Dorian Leigh. These ads were one of Revlon's most iconic advertisements of all time. Such a gorgeous shade. The classic 1950s shade for the nails and the lips. Perfect for the ladies of that time [and anytime actually ;)] Up until today, Revlon is still keeping this iconic shade as part of their Super Lustrous line and in November 2010, Revlon decided to re-create 1953's "Fire and Ice" magazine ad featuring the beautiful actress Jessica Biel. As part of this campaign, Revlon issued a limited edition Fire and Ice lipstick and nail color calling this campaign, "lips and tips." Today, Revlon now has a lipstick, a nail polish and even cologne under the Fire and Ice line! Wow. Isn't this one amazing powerhouse lippie??? Never knew that such a simple classic yet empowering red could have such a long history behind it. [See, makeup products can bring along with them a interesting history too!] If you want to know more about this and the Revlon brand, head over to this page over here.

The 1950s vs The 2010s [who wore it better? ;) ]

Revlon's limited edition release of Fire & Ice [The Revlon wording is just too cute!]
Now, for the review that comes along side. One Word [okay, maybe four words]: THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL. Fire & Ice, as the name suggests, has both cool and warm undertones as well. Not just any simple red. It is definitely a loud red [not for the faint hearted] but at the same time reflects such softness and classiness on the wearer.I can see the colour being flattering on most skintones but it seems to flatter the fair skinned ladies a tad bit more. Really pops off your skin. I love it. It makes my teeth look whiter, skin looks fairer and my complexion somewhat glowier. Too good to be true!! The formulation on this is really nice, isn't too drying and for me sits comfortably on my lips the whole day. It is of a cream formula [no shimmer of course] and the pigmentation on this is just superb. It really pops off my face and stays on all day on me even after talking, eating and drinking my numerous cups of green tea everyday. Also, it doesn't seem to show signs of feathering or bleeding on me. AMAZING. As for smell, it doesn't seem to bear any plastic-ky smell or fragrance which is a plus for some. Packaging is of course classic, with the beautiful black and gold. Simple, nice yet classy and sophisticated. Revlon has really got this line down to a T. Definitely recommend this lipstick to anyone who is looking for that classy yet loud red that would stop people on the streets! This for me, has achieved HG status! No if and buts about it. HG STATUS. <3

Revlon Fire and Ice

Arm swatch lol

Such classic packaging <3

Feel like a glam siren just owning one of these babies!

Verdict: Do I like it? No I dont like it, I  LOVE IT.
Will I repurchase: YES YES YESSSSSSS!!!!
Grade: A+

Anyone in love with this beautiful gem too? What other red lippies do you need to have in your beauty arsenal? ;) Stay healthy, happy and bold ladies! [& gentlemen] <3

Monday, 8 July 2013

Back to Basics: Rice Flour

Hello again lovelies! How are you? Hopefully, youve had a good weekend to rest and recuperate! Ready to start the week again? I sure hope so! :) Today it's another one of my favourite topics! Skincare! Now I'm not talking about the fancy stuff like deep penetrating serums and pore refining gels etc [not in this section anyway] but rather the good stuff that our ever-so-kind Mother Nature has provided us with. Okay some maybe we find some in bottles in the supermarket but they have not really undergone any processing. You get the idea. So today's star is one of my favourites: Rice Flour!
The lil Gem! <3

Now what exactly is Rice Flour? Rice Flour is a flour which is derived from of course, finely milled rice. [I feel like I'm giving a cooking class at this point lol] Rice Flour is commonly used in the food of Asia e.g. Japanese Mochi [ <3], Vietnamese banh canh and on and on and on. But did you know, it can also be used for your skin [and face]? Rice Flour is a common element in Asian skincare and has been used by Asian women for years and years in their beauty regime. Supple, bouncy, fair glowing skin [WOW who wouldn't want that?] Skincare Brands such as SKII [their famous Pitera for the skin] have definitely recognised the benefits of Rice Flour and have certainly made a scene with their products in the beauty realm.

Apparently, recent research have shown that rice/ rice water contain a high amount of Ferulic Acid, a potent antioxidant. This can help to relief potential skin irritation from irritants, allergens and toxins as well as promote cell regeneration and healing. With that comes that production of healthier and happier cells and thus the continual renewal of our skin cells. This naturally leads to the 'whitening' property of rice flour.
Rice also has a high amount of allantoin, an anti-inflammatory agent. Hence, it can possibly help reduce any redness from your skin and give it that healthy glow that we all-so-desire. With the promotion of cell regeneration, rice flour is also said to lighten marks, scars and hyperpigmentation left behind on our skin. So does that really seem to good to be true? HMMMMMMM...

Ok now on to my personal experience. I like to sometimes mix some rice flour together with my oatmeal [I did a post on this baby too ;)] and gently rub this all over my face, leaving it there after that for a minute or two. This not only does some gentle exfoliation but also makes me skin feel softer! It also seems to reduce the redness of any unfortunate zits if they ever appear and for the lightening of scars element, it does work for me. Obviously the lightening of scars is not going to happen overnight but you can see the difference after some time of continuous use. If you want to use it as just a mask feel free to do so by adding some water/ honey and green tea to make a paste for your DIY mask! Works just as well! Plus for a quick picker-upper/ easy alternative, you can use rice flour as a mattifying powder to absorb any excess oil on your face without caking up your face with too much powder. And oh? did I mention? It is sooooo affordable lol definitely a purse-friendly beauty babe! Multi-use hey? Definitely one of my favourite beauty tricks to pamper your skin! Cheap, easily available and natural!

Hopefully this helps and can become a nice addition one your beauty regime! Anymore beauty secrets to let us in on? :) Please do share! Would definitely love to hear them! Meanwhile, as always, stay happy healthy and glowing!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

TIME BOUND TUESDAY! : History of the eyeliner

Hey guys! Today I thought of doing something a little more fun! It's gonna be Time-bound Tuesday where different historical facts of makeup/ beauty will be featured on this page every Tuesday! [Makeup/ Beauty has it's own spunky history too ya know! ;)] Thought it would be fun to learn more about makeup and share it with everyone! So, today, it shall be all about one of the most used makeup products.


ah, the good ol' liner. Where should I start? Well, there's no denying that eyeliner is one of the most used makeup products in beauty. It's one of the easiest ways to add a lil somethin' somethin' to one's makeup look and tends to be the first thing makeup 'babies' use to kick start their great makeup adventure! [Why do I make it sound such as olden medieval quest-like action? lol]. It helps elongate and enhance the eyes, make them look cute and round like a puppy's or sharp and edgy like a siren. Any style, you name it, eyeliner has definitely established a great position for itself in most ladies' [or gentlemen's] makeup arsenal. So, how did this wonderful invention to man come about?

Eyeliner apparently was first used in Mesopotamia and the Ancient Middle East and was drawn around the eyes. Eyeliners were produced from a variety of materials including lead, copper ore and antimony. Egyptians made use of various cosmetic products not just for simple aesthetics but rather, to protect their skin and eyes from the harsh desert sun as early as 10, 000 B.C.!!! Not only that, it is also said that the eyeliner served as a formed of protection from the 'evil eye' for the wearer. Hence, as seen in pictures, Egyptians seem to bear the characteristic of sporting heavily lined eyes. For the Egyptians, eyeliners represented not only fashion accessory but also as a connection to their religion and gods. [aint this so cool?!]

The eyeliner was then introduced into the Western world after its discovery in Tutankhamun's [an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty] tomb in the 1920s. Women had already abandoned the fashion of the Victorian Era and had begun embracing the new fashion that was coming their way. The Ballet, Classic Hollywood, Musicians, Photography, Arts, and Theatre. So many avenues of influence and all with their own style! For the cosmetics companies, this meant a potential gold-mine market for the beauty industry. [evil cackle inserted here  >:D]

The years between the 1920s and 1960s brought about moderate use of the eyeliner. Classy looks for the everyday lady to sport so as to look like their favourite Hollywood starlet. [timeless I must say so myself]  Soon came the 1970s. Newer eyeliner styles began to emerge, with styles such as the edgy Punks and mysterious Goths. Emo subculture also popularised these babies within the male population [making them sport the all-so-awesome 'guyliner'] [ADAM LAMBERT OMG <3] (lol excuse the fan-girl moment) Today, as all us beauty junkies are fully aware, the eyeliner is still one of the most buzzed about and most used beauty arsenal items. The various brands and companies, styles and colours, formulas and prices are just enough to make us go crazy, excited and full-on hyperventilate!

Who knew this little babe that is lying in our makeup bag or vanity top had soooo much history and influence in the beauty industry?! Talk about 'little thing big oomph'! Will definitely never look at an eyeliner the same way again! Today, look at how 'far' this little thing which we tend to take for granted in our daily makeup rountine has come?! Really, amazing imo. Hoped you guys liked this little fun-fact post and do share with me which are some are your favourite eyeliners/ eyeliner styles! I would love to know! Stay tuned for another Time-Bound Tuesday post next week!!

Stay happy and healthy [and keep rockin' that eyeliner!]