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Review: Catrice Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof

More on the eyes guys! Time to put another eyeliner to the test. I'm forever on the hunt for the most awesome gel eye pencil that has ever been produced on the face of the earth and believe me when I say till this date, I have tried ALOT of them, with a handful leaving up to my expectations (the *Essence ones being some of them). These Catrice ones that I have for you today are also constantly put under the test.

Catrice Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof
Packaging on these pencils are nice, with their caps and back-ends colour-coded according to what the shades are, making them easy to identify (especially nifty if you have an extensive eyeliner collection like I do). I like how Catrice packages its products, giving them just enough effort to making them look great and worth more than the price you actually pay for them. Plus, as you'll see later, Catrice comes up with really cute names for their products (I always get such a kick reading product names).

Catrice Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof
These pencils come with a sharpener at the back-end of the pencil, allowing you to keep a nice sharp tip for more precision with your eyeliner. For the price, this is such a great plus. The Catrice Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof comes in so many great shades, from the basic black and brown to the funky turquoise and golds. Really nice range of shades. Now for the shade breakdown!

Shade Breakdown:
020: The World's Greytest (Shimmery dark gunmetal grey) (#1 in swatch photos)
030: Gold Shatterhand (Metallic Yellow Gold) (#2)
070: Blue Berrymore (Metallic Blue-Purple) (#3)
080: These Blues Are Made For Walking (Metallic Marine Blue)(#4)
090: Petrol And The Wolf  (Metallic Turqoise) (#5)
100: Pearly Bird (Metallic Champagne Rose-Gold) (#6)
110: Rendez-Blue (Metallic Navy Blue) (#7)
060: Moss Undercover (Shimmery Moss Green) (#8)
010: New Kids On The Black (Matte Rich Black) (#9)
040: Karate With Bronze Lee (Metallic Bronze) (#10) *My absolute favourite*
050: Brown Town Girl (Matte Dark Brown) (#11)

Catrice Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof

What better way to test eyeliner claims of waterproof than subjecting them to what they claim to be? Which is what I tend to do to test such claims, running the swatches under water and then attempting to smudge them.

This is what I gathered:
Catrice Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof (ran under running water)

Catrice Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof (Smudge test after running under water)

Catrice Longlasting Eye Pencil Waterproof (removed with oil-based makeup remover)

These pencils are pretty waterproof I must say, and pretty smudge-proof even after running my finger through them after running them under water. However, they did smudge just a tiny smidgen, nothing that is horribly noticeable. In comparison with their Essence counterparts, the Essence ones do seem to hold up a little more, but both are definitely comparable. I personally love the metallic bronze shade which I often use as my eyeliner as it is super wearable despite being a metallic bronze (even more natural and softer looking than a brown eyeliner) but overall these eyeliners are just superb and are long wearing like they claim to be (On me, they can last between 6-8 hours without smudging) . For the price of SGD $3.90, these are an absolute steal and are highly recommended.

Overall Grade:
 Do I like this?: Love
Would I repurchase this?: Already did actually ;)
Grade: A-

Any other amazing eyeliner recommendations? Checked these babies out yet? ;)
Happy Holidays and a happy oncoming 2015!

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