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Review: Nyx Eye Natural Palette

Ho ho ho! Let's get real: my eye makeup is mostly the same, simple and neutral but that's the way I like my eye make-up mostly anyway. So I am always on the hunt for another neutral palette that I can add to in my makeup collection.

Nyx Natural Palette
Nyx Natural Palette

I've actually been eyeing this palette for quite some time now but everytime, just as I'm about to reach for and make a mad dash to the cashier, I would try to restrain myself and place it back onto the shelf. But alas, eventually, yup you guessed it, I caved. #Icouldnthelpit

Nyx Natural Palette
This palette has six shades and comes with the typical double-tip applicators (which I forgot to place back here, apologies), a good mixture of matte and neutrals. Overall the palette has a slight warm lean but nothing to warm that it may appear orangey on some skin tones.

Shade Breakdown:
#1: Matte cream
#2: Glittery white gold
#3: Matte Slight Warm Tan
#4: Shimmer-Satin Yellow-Gold Champagne
#5: Shimmer-Satin Warm Taupe
#6: Matte Black-Brown

Out of all the shades, I would say #4 is the most unique. I had abit of a problem trying to describe this colour. It has a shimmer-satin finish, nothing too glitzy but comes with a beautiful sheen. It has a slight warm lean and I almost want to say its a bronze/tan-champagne because it doesn't really look like a typical gold champagne in the pan. Nevertheless, it's a really pretty shade to wear all over the lids or inner corners to brighten things up and give a little pop with that soft sheen.

Nyx Natural Palette
Okay. So this is where the problem may lie for some. The pigmentation and colour pay-off. As from the hand swatches, they don't appear be very promising. #1 is pretty pigmented and does show up on the skin (I personally like to use this as an all over base shade from lid to brow). #2 to me almost feels like a top coat rathat than as a lid colour by itself. It gives a lil oomph on top of another colour such as #4 or #5. Okay, I know #3 seems virtually non-existent on my arm and this might be a turn-off for some right there and then. However, somehow it shows up better on the lids/ crease. I can see the subtle definition that it provides when I aply it on my lids. It is somewhat buildable but if u r looking for a high colour impact, this shade ain't it. #5 and #6 are probably apart from #1 the most pigmented but no surprise there, seeing as how they are both the darkest shades in the palette. The overall look I can get out of this palette is fine for my liking in terms of everyday wear or fotd, with just a neutral and natural eye and the darkest shade as my eyeliner. The shadow are relatively smooth and perform decently on the lid. However, it of course isn't the most pigmented palette I have ever come across (such as the likes of brands like Urban Decay, NARS, etc). Then again, a good eyeshadow may not necessarily be defined only by how pigmented it is. These shadows although not the most pigmented and the richest, are pretty smooth and blendable which to me, still leaves me rather contented with my purchase of it.

Overall, it's a decent find. For a seasoned makeup junkie with tons of eyeshadows, you probably can skip on this. (But if you're like me who just wants to try anything and everything that screams neutral eyeshadows, go for it hehe). If you're someone who is just starting out and want something that offers some flexibility in terms of blending and soft colour placement without risking a ton of money on it, this could be one to consider getting.

Overall Grade:
 Do I like this?: mm yea it's alright
Would I repurchase this?: Given my extensive eyeshadow collection, probably not
Grade: B

Happy holidays everyone! Eat, drink and be merry (don't forget to rock those holiday looks too!) ~ ;)

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